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Teachers have been part of almost everyone's life. They inspired us, nurtured us and help us towards our dream. Teachers are one of the most underrated professions in the world yet they provide the foundation for us to succeed. They are indeed the shaper of the future.





We run a nonprofit organization ( that aims to create a community for the teachers of Abilene Texas.
We regularly put up events and giveaways that are directed primarily to the teachers within Abilene. If you want to know how to help our cause you can reach us on our Facebook page or you can send an email.

A teacher is adept in providing guidance and counseling. They listen, question, and responds, remembering that each student is different. They are essentially one of the people that help mold each of us to be a better individual. Shaping our minds towards our goals and aspiration in life. Being one of the strong supporters in our journey towards the future.

 A teacher is almost every student's role model.  They are one of the people behind every student's success. They have inspired their students to be the best that they can be. Teachers have not only taught us the subject matter but also the lessons of life. Patience, commitment, inspiration, care, and dedication are the ideal qualities of a good teacher