Project Name: Jaye Vanacht Project
Status: Finished

Project Name: Frick Home Remodeling Project
Status: Finished

Unfortunately the customer will be doing the finish work to this project. So the things done doest look great.

​New back door and jamb.
Deadbolts cut out to install for front and back door.
Frame new wall for bathroom and install new door.
Put trim and seal around the garage door.
Move dryer vent from east wall to north wall and cover old vent hole and siding.
Take out floor heater and frame back up with new subfloor
Demo all of the bathroom
Install new framing for subfloor
Install new subfloor,
Install new tub and surround.
Install drywall, tape, bed, and orange peel texture. Install new floating floor in bathroom and kitchen. 

Project Name: Joe Johnson
Status: Finished

Project Name: Joe Johnson Backsplash 
Status: Finished

Kitchen Backsplash Installed

Project Name: Kyle Pinson
Status: Finished

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Project Name: Greg Lewis
Status: Finished

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Project Name: Lytle Family
Status: Finished

Project Name: Frick
Status: Finished