JJ Herrera 

I was one of the 1st clients of Uniqu3 Solutions and I still do business with them today. José is honest and trustworthy and his attention to customer service is unparalleled. I recommend them to anyone enthusiastically "

Pete & Cheri Drysdale
The ceramic tile on the side of our jetted tub in our master bath was pulling away. We called Jose and he was out the same day to look at the repair and had a very reasonable estimate. We scheduled the work for a time convenient for me. Jose and his crew showed up on time, put down drop cloths and got to work. Once they removed the tile we found that our builder had incorrectly installed the tub and water had caused the wood behind it to expand and push the tile out. Jose discussed his plan to properly repair the damage with me and with my approval got to work. He and his crew completed the job professionally, completely cleaned up and was able to come in very close to the original estimate even with the significant additional work required. If you have any home/handyman project you need done call Jose. You won't be disappointed!

One question always asked other than what services we

offer is. "what does the 3 stand for in Uniqu3 Solutions​?"

First is what we follow every day  Father, Son, & the Holy Spirit

Second is the obvious with the services we offer Remodeling, Landscaping, & Handyman Services

3rd is to describe our company mission Customer Service, Efficiency, & Top Quality 

Texas Healthcare Linen

I have used Uniqu3 Solutions for various projects at my business and continue to be impressed with the versatility and quality of the jobs he is able to perform. We have a maintenance team here that takes care of all the equipment and facility, but times being what they are, we just don't have enough staff to go around to get every little thing taken care of that needs attention, and lesser priority projects get put on the back burner. I have been able to use Jose and his team to get those jobs done that have been neglected for years. He has done several projects for us in the past year, including patching holes on our loading dock roof, gutter work, construction projects, painting and drywall work, ditch digging and even landscaping. Basically anything I ask him to do, he's on it!I am proud to partner with Uniqu3 Solutions to ensure our facility and special projects are taken care of.

Company Profile

Uniqu3​ Solutions

Founded: 2013

Owner: Jose Valenzuela

Phone : 325-627-3188

Address : 1033 Walnut St. Abilene, TX 79601

Email uniqu3solutions@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/uniqu3solutionsabilene


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Hello I am Jose Valenzuela owner of Uniqu3 Solutions.

Thank you for taking time today to know a little more about us. 

We always give the best to solve any task asked of us with Customer Service, Efficiency & Top Quality,. Another great thing we offer is financing so you can get your well deserved home upgrade now, not later. And we urge you to ask questions of what we can do for you. The only dumb question is one not asked. I started this company to utilize the skills God has given me throughout my years, And to give help for the small repairs and services that other companies don't handle. To give solutions to any problem or idea someone has for there home or business. To show my kids that goals can be achieved, and hopefully fulfill Gods plan for me and my family. 

Uniqu3 Solutions: We put the US in Trust

Jason & Candi Hershey 

​​My husband and I had Uniqu3 Solutions put in wood flooring in our kitchen, dining, living room, and hallway. They did an amazing job and we love our new floor!!!

This passage reminds us, primarily, all things are of God and from God. The manna the people of Israel ate was a direct gift from the hand of God. They did nothing to earn it and did nothing to produce it. The bread and the grain were also gifts from God, but from him through the hands of the people. in the same way, profit comes to us as a blessing. i have argued that profit is not the purpose of business, but is the beneficial result of work well done. if we focus on profit alone, we are likely to have a very short-term focus and make some very poor decisions. so, like the people of Israel as they cross the Jordan and enter Canaan, we as business people are to be co-laborers with God and deliver excellence and quality at every turn. If we engage in business in this way and really understand our clients, we will earn a profit - just as God plans it. Profit allows us to grow the business, hire more people and generally advance the full range of our objectives: spiritual, economic, social and environmental. Pray to God, not for profit per se, but for the wisdom and drive to run your business well and merit the financial increase.