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I have been able to use Jose and his team to get those jobs done that have been neglected for years. He has done several projects for us in the past year, including patching holes on our loading dock roof, gutter work, construction projects, painting and drywall work, ditch digging and even landscaping. Basically anything I ask him to do, he's on it!
I am proud to partner with Uniqu3 Solutions to ensure our facility and special projects are taken care of.


​Joe Max Tomlin, General Manager

Texas Healthcare Linen

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Albert & Stephany Quintanar

Home owner Abilene TX 



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Remodeling can be scary along with finding a quality company to give what you want. Relax. Uniqu3 Solutions has the experience, connections and style to bring your vision to life 

Quality work brings continuity, function, and beauty to any idea or repairs needed. We cover residential and commercial properties with services below and more.

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Uniqu3 Solutions hire professionals who care about quality in their work. We give solutions to fit your ideas and wallet. while walking you through every detail to insure 100% satisfaction. 

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​1 January 2015

10% Church special

10% of fence staining cost will go to a church of your choosing

25 September 2014


​20 October 2014


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